About Us


I'm a country girl.

I wasn't born on a farm but I should have been.  I started cooking from scratch and raising herbs when I was 16, all the while dreaming of farms. Many years later my husband and I do live on a farm - a 6 acre one on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I raise chickens and sheep, have one pet goat and a couple cats.  And I grow fantastic crops of coffee, macadamia nuts, citrus, tropical flowers and of course herbs.  


Soapmaking is like cooking but don't lick the batter...

My desire to make soap and other skincare treats blossomed from my desire to make anything I could from scratch. I love to combine what I grow with the soap I make.  Coffee Soap, Lavender Soap, Gardenia Soap, Lemon, Lime, Orange and Grapefuit Soaps, Jasmine Soap, Neem Soap, Moringa Soap, Vanilla Soap and the list is endless.  It smells so good you really do want to taste it.  


Coffee is a beautiful little tree.

Of all the plants and trees I grow, coffee is my favorite.  It is delicate but resiliant.  This is one of my favorite pictures - a cluster of coffee cherry in different stages.  A small white blossom, two immature green cherries, one cherry starting to turn and a fully ripe red cherry to pick.  Inside the cherry is two coffee beans and the start of a perfect cup.  Our coffee is shade grown and organically tended.  Shade grown coffee has a low yield so we have a limited amount to sell.  I also use it to make coffee infusions that I highlight in my skincare.  We roast our own coffee ! Fresh ! 


This is an actual picture of a Big Island beach....

Taken by yours truly at sunset. Nice huh ?  When we're not tending the farm, we bask in this beauty.  We are blessed to live here.  


Thanks for visiting !

Kevin, coffee roaster extraordinaire, mechanic, pruner, mower, and hot rod builder with me, Cindy, farmer & soaper. Aloha !